How to ride a bus in Japan (fixed route bus edition)

These are the main types of buses you will use in Japan.
1. Fixed-route bus - These are buses that travel a short distance, such as between Shibuya and Harajuku.
2. Bus airport shuttles - These are buses that travel between an airport and an urban area, such as between Narita Airport and Shinjuku.
3. Highway express buses - These are buses that travel long distance routes on highways, such as between Tokyo and Nagoya.Some travel during the day and some at night while passengers sleep inside the bus. Note that these buses frequently require advance reservations.
4. Regular tourist buses - These depart from such locations as an airport, a station or a hotel and go around to tourist destinations for three to eight hours.
This video provides information about how to use Type 1, fixed-route buses. In the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, many buses have fixed fares of 210 yen for adults and 110 yen for children, making them a reasonable means of transport. However, it is difficult even for Japanese people to find the proper boarding location for a bus traveling to their destination, so it is convenient to find it in advance using a tourist information center or map.
Filmed with the assistance of the FUJIKYUKO CO.,LTD(It has a public transportation and leisure business centered on the Mt. Fuji area and the capital city area.