Anyone with an appreciation for Japanese Anime should stop by! This is Akihabara, the birthplace of Otaku culture!!

Up until about 20 years ago, Akihabara Electrical Town (denkigai) mainly consisted of retail shops selling rare electronics parts and major shops selling home appliances. At that time it was a somewhat dark place. But now, it has transformed into the bustling home ground of anime and pop culture.
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Akihabara is sometimes called the town of "Otaku" culture. "Otaku" generally means someone obsessed with anime or games. Until a few years ago, Otaku held negative connotations as someone with a dark personalities, too technical when they talk and with no fashion sense. However, now they are known as the leaders who dispatch anime and games - that Japan wants to convey to the world - and they've earned a new respect.
If you're in Akihabara to buy figurines or favorite goods, then step out onto the biggest street. The show windows are full of products to make any otaku swoon. If you venture away from the central street, the prices on the same items get lower, so search for a bargain if your schedule allows.
When walking the streets you'll come across girls dressed in French maid costumes. They are handing out fliers for Maid Cafes. A Maid Cafe is just that, a cafe in which the servers are all dressed as French maids. When you order drinks or food, the servers react in different ways. For example if you order omelette-rice, they give a cute smile and draw a heart with ketchup while casting a spell in Japanese called "The magical seasoning." You'll also find food venues with servers dressed as shrine maidens, warriors and much more.
Of course, it still holds its title as Japan's largest electric town. Major appliance chains are rooted around the station area and there are still small shops that sell used electronics and DVDs. Akihabara is an industrial city that manufactures satisfaction for all tourists, from those who want to buy electronics, get a new take on Japanese culture to those who just want to try a delicious Japanese food! Make sure you have a great time on your trip to Japan!
【Akihabara Station】
■Address:1-17-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo