The Three Best Ice Cream options at convenience stores, chosen by models popular with readers!

The convenience store, found everywhere throughout Japan. Most are open 24 hours, clean and offer foods, drinks and daily necessities. They also offer a wide and full selection of snacks! The shelves are full of long-time sellers as well as brand-new products. This article asked three popular models in Japan, who love snacks and are savvy on new products as well, what the best three snacks sold in convenience stores are! The idea is to help you in product choice.
The theme for this edition is the top three recommended ice cream products that are tasty not only in the hot summer but throughout the entire year! There is a massive variety of types of Japanese ice cream sold in convenience stores, including unique flavors. And the variety of shapes even has travelers surprised. Also, unlike the snacks and chocolate that you can take home as souvenirs, ice cream holds the excitement of something that can only be experienced while in Japan. And on that note, we bring you the third edition of top three snacks in convenience stores: the best three ice cream products in hopes that this series will assist you in your product choices.
Vanilla Monaka Jumbo
Price: About JPY 130/ Volume: 150ml
This treat is packed full of vanilla ice cream and flavored with almond powder and wrapped clear around with monaka wafer, giving it a slightly sweet western taste. The rich milk and the subtle sweetness of the monaka wafer make for an addictive combo. It's also easy to split it into pieces making it easy to eat and a top choice.
Price: About JPY 130/ Volume: 10ml x 6 pieces
Pino is a bite-size ice cream coated lightly in chocolate. There are six pieces in a box. The balance between the ice cream and chocolate is excellent. The first sensation is the deep taste of the chocolate and directly after that the sweetness of the ice cream fills your mouth. It is popular among locals and travelers alike, making it a staple of the Japanese ice cream scene.
Häagen-Dazs(Häagen-Dazs Japan)
Price: About JPY 290/ Volume: 100ml
Häagen-Dazs is originally from the United States of America. At first glance that might seem to exclude it from being Japanese. But in Japan, besides the flavors loved worldwide, unique seasonal limited flavors are released throughout the year. These limited flavors are especially delicious, catching the interest of travelers. You'll have to make the trip to Japan to check out the seasonal specialties.
These are the top three ice cream products in Japan. Japanese ice cream is known as having a concentrated taste with a refreshing after taste. Every flavor is delicious, but if you can't decide, go with one of the three above.
*Prices reflect the local prices at the time this article was written. Actual prices may differ.