The 【Three Best Chocolates】 at convenience stores, chosen by popular models!

The convenience store, found everywhere throughout Japan. Most are open 24 hours, clean and offer foods, drinks and daily necessities. They also offer a wide and full selection of snacks! The shelves are full of long-time sellers as well as brand-new products. This article asked three popular models in Japan, who love snacks and are savvy on new products as well, what the best three snacks sold in convenience stores are! The idea is to help you in product choice.
This edition introduces one of the most popular subjects with travelers, the top three chocolate snacks in Japan! Japan's chocolate snacks have a distinct flavor without being too sweet and are popular among people of all backgrounds. We're not talking only about those fancy chocolates you find at department stores. Even the affordable chocolate snacks you can buy at the convenience stores are made with delicious flavors and textures and are extremely high-quality.
That's why these snacks are great not only for travelers themselves, but also as souvenirs for friends and family. Now let us introduce the top three chocolate snacks sold at convenience stores as selected by our models.
galbo mini(meiji)
The rich chocolate flavor covered with a crispy chocolate is a strange texture to be enjoyed. The chocolate and crunchiness are both highly esteemed. There are even a lot of girls who carry the miniature sized treats around, always keeping a pack in their bag.
This snack has whipped chocolate sandwiched between the crunchy baked chocolate cookies. The combination of the crispy cookie and the soft whipped chocolate melting in your mouth is exquisite.
The third product is a unique brand that is only available during the winter season of every year. In order to provide a chocolate that "melts in your mouth like snow," this product isn't available in the hot summers, when temperature control is difficult. This is a product you definitely need to try if you ever visit Japan's snow.
These are the top three chocolate snacks. Another great thing about chocolate is that you can share. Why not buy a variety, trade pieces with your family and friends and have your own taste-test?
*Prices reflect the local prices at the time this article was written. Actual prices may differ.