The 【Three Best Snacks】 at convenience stores, chosen by models popular with readers!

The convenience store, found everywhere throughout Japan. Most are open 24 hours, clean and offer foods, drinks and daily necessities. They also offer a wide and full selection of snacks! The shelves are full of long-time sellers as well as brand-new products. This article asked three popular models in Japan, who love snacks and are savvy on new products as well, what the best three snacks sold in convenience stores are! The idea is to help you in product choice.
In this edition we introduce the top three recommended snack foods, the representative food of convenience stores. "Snack foods" generally refers to carbohydrates like corn, rice or potatoes, fried in cooking oil. There are a variety of added flavors like seasonings such as consommé, salt, Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce, or spices such as hot pepper or wasabi. There are numerous types and while most of us take a few minutes to decide, people often go with flavors they've had before. But you've come all the way to Japan and we want you to try something delicious, even if you've never had it before! With this in mind, our models recommend three products for you to try.
That's why these snacks are great not only for travelers themselves, but also as souvenirs for friends and family. Now let us introduce the top three chocolate snacks sold at convenience stores as selected by our models.
This thin oval is a rice cracker, powdered with a seasoning called "Happy Powder." The ingredients of this happy powder are common knowledge as a mixture of sugar, salt, amino acids and protein hydrolysate, but the process of making it is a corporate secret. While the addictive taste has a deep sweetness, it's not too sweet. Its crispy texture is also popular.
The main ingredient of this snack is once-steamed potatoes, shaped into thin strips and then fried in oil. It's popular for its unique crispy-crunchy taste. The key to this snack's favorable reputation is that besides the normal variety of salad dressing, cheese and butter flavors, there are also limited editions you can enjoy depending on the area and time of year.
These are the top three snack foods in Japan. With the variety of manufacturing methods, shapes and tastes, there are countless snack foods in Japan, and certainly others that may rival in taste, but when you can’t make a decision, pick up one of these.
These are the top three chocolate snacks. Another great thing about chocolate is that you can share. Why not buy a variety, trade pieces with your family and friends and have your own taste-test?
*Prices reflect the local prices at the time this article was written. Actual prices may differ.