How “Chinese noodle” gradually became “Japanese Ramen”?

In present day, people recognized raman as a Japanese noodle soup dish serve in broth originating from China. Even people from mainland China also called it “Japanese ramen.” Chinese noodle and Japanese ramen are completly two concepts after all.
So what is the difference between them? Japanese ramen began after World War II. Many Japanese returnees had returned from China to Japan, and subsequently set up Chinese restaurants based on skills learned from China. This is the beginning of ramen. When time goes by, Chinese noodle had been re-adjusted the improved soup taste and texture of noodles in order to be more suitable for Japanese flavor by adding soya sauce and miso paste. Hence, Chinese noodle had becoming Japan ramen.
Gradually, ramen became Japanese cultural icon and popular for local nations, due to the nutrition after war. As the number of eating ramen was increasing, people started to learn how to make simple ramen even at home. Furthermore, when instant noodles appeared in the market, ramen noodle immediately catched everyone's attention. Additionally, instant noodles were invented by Momofuku Ando who is the Taiwanese-Japanese founder and chairman of Nissin Foods which established in 1958. Before this moment, ramen was called “Chinese noodles.” “Cupnoodles” invention had been introduced in 1971 for Nissin Foods, as the instant ramen into a global food becuase of its convenience. The product had been top selling item across Asia and internationally. There are a lot of flavors of instant noodles sell in convenient stores and supermarkets in Japan. Of course, different flavors also available in countries, but only few special flavors have been purposely developed for Japanese demands, therefore many travellers like to buy special flavor instant noodles from Japan for presents.
This is the story for ramen which was borned in China and change the identity to Japanese ramen successfully.
If you would like to experience and know more about ramen, “Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum” is a good attraction for you to visit. It collects different kinds of ramen across the world. In the museum, you will able to taste delicious food as well as increase the ramen knowledge.
【Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum】
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