Where did “sushi come from”?

When a question come to you “what would you like to eat in Japan” , the answer might be “sushi.” “Sushi” is an incredible dish as it is made of preserving fish on top of fermented rice with bite-sized. Sometimes you might also see fish and vegetables are rolled up nicely by rice and paper-thin dried seaweed. But Where did “sushi “come from? Let's start with the history of this mysterious food.
Fish contains plentiful important source of protein which was very expensive food before BC. Fish is easy to get tainted, so it was very difficult to eat for people who live near the mountain side. Gradually, people had found out that raw fish being placed in cooked rice causing it to undergo a fermentation process, and would slows the reaction of bacterial growth in fish. Thus sushi originally was made to “preserving the food”. The fermentation technique was first developed in Southeast Asia to China and Japan.
Afterwards, during the end of Edo period(1800 centreies), sushi had became very similar as current days. That moment's Edo (now know as Tokyo), fresh fish and sea shells were easily to get from the sea. Therefore people placed the toppings in the rice, and eat them directly with hands. It was an early form of fast food strongly associated with Japanese culture. Sushi had becoming popular due to the fast eating way from Tokyo to everywhere in Japan.
While sushi continually to be produced by fermented fish and rice, rice vinegar was invented in order to shorter the fermentation time. It is hard to believe that mysterious sushi initially was for fast food purpose.
In present time, sushi has became high-class dish of Japanese cuisine. Started from 1950s, refridgeration began to popularized and able to ship fresh fish over long distances, as well as the technology for fishery was also improved. Once freshly and rare fish or seafood were available in the market, number of buyers were increased. Based on the higher demand, the price also increased. Faced the situation, many sushi suppliers started to trained themselves into higher skills of making sushi in order to attract more consumers, so the unique evolution of sushi began. Modern sushi chefs in present time also continually create new style of sushi by using new ingredients, gorgeously preparation and different serving methods. Based on the ingredient and skills of professionals skills, sushi gradually became high-class of Japanese cuisine.
The sushi restaurants in Ginza, Tokyo probably taste all nicely and deliciously. But there are also many sushi restaurants in other areas with wonderful food but lower price. For travellers who visit Japan, please try and go to sushi !!
resurants, it will definitely give you a unforgettable experience and enjoyment.