High-class restaurants are nice to go, but mass-oriented “Izakaya” is also worth to try.

When travelling to Japan, high-class Japanese cuisine such as “Sushi” or “kaiseki-ryōri ” is very nice choice, however Japanese style “Izakaya” is also worth to try. “Izakaya” is a Japanese style pub or bar where serves alcoholic beverages such as beer and sake with food that tastes match with alcohol like sashimi or yakitori. The food amount in izakaya is lesser compare with ordinary restaurants, mainly provides varied range of delicious dishes which are go well with drinks. Normally the budget in “Izakaya” with food and drinks will cost about 4,000yen to 5,000yen per person.
There are many chain store izakayas in the high street. The characteristic of the chain store izakaya will be their way of making food has been standardized, due to the systematically management, every chain store has about same level of service and hospitaility. Consequently the price is very competitiveness compare with personal running izakaya. Furthermore, the chain store izakaya usually has very big signboard, so it is very noticeable.
On the other hand, personal running izakaya more likely to operates in small alleys. Usually locates in the alleys next to the main streets, which create a great adventure for visitors. Many personal run izakaya serves special wine or drinks as well as rare dishes apart from chain store izakayas. Nevertheless these adventure might surprised you by reciving great food, also have chance to gain the disappointed experience. Compare with the chain store izakaya, the personal run izakaya is more likely to be on try one's luck. Please view the vedio below to explore more about the personal run izakayas. If you are able to find those wonderful hidden izakayas which means you will probably soon becoming a Japan expert.