“Shiba Inu” repay the kindness story in Japan?

Shiba Inu is Japanese small size dog. The height is around 35 to 41cm. The appearance is cute and lovely, so they are the most popular pet which also represents of Japan.
Although the size of Shiba Inu is very small, but it has no doubt that they are full of loyalty for their owner. That's why they usually feel alert with unknown persons. Based on the characteristic, Shiba Inu is very suitable for the door guard. Certainly, Shiba Inu is very brave, they are not afraid to fighting with external invaders. In 5th of this month, a report emphasized that there was a Shiba Inu with height 100cm with weight 15 kg in Mie Prefecture fighted with an antelope. Nevertheless, Shiba-Inu was lost due to the body size, and unfortunately it also got injured during the battle.
However, there was other good news for Shiba Inu from Akita Prefecture. The competitor was a metre-high bear. According to the report, a grandfather took his grandson and Shiba Inu (Mechiyan, Female, six-year-old) go for a walk, and the boy was attracked by a bear when grandfather was carelessly not nearby.
The dog, Mechiyan, barked “unusually loud”, grandfather ran back to the scene, his grandson was crying and returning to the house. The bear was escaped to the bush opposite of the river. The boy's clothes were torn and his back and bottom were covered in scratches by bear.
It was miracle that Shiba Inu was able to bitten up a bear, it will also be difficult to win a bear even fight with a professional wrestler. In addition, Shiba Inu is very adorable, you will never get bored by just looking at them. Maybe I should also get a Shiba Inu by myself.