Eat fresh fish and seafood caught that very day, at gourmet zone Tsukiji!

Although close to central Tokyo and Ginza, the atmosphere of Tsukiji completely contrasts with the stylish and pretty shops that line Ginza's streets. Tsukiji is home to Japan's most famous wholesale market: Tsukiji fish market. The rate of transactions made here, particularly of fishery products, is higher than anywhere else in the world.
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Mornings at Tsukiji fish market begin with a kind of auction, where the fish goes to the highest bidder. The atmosphere is so unique even for Japanese people. Only the sellers with the most powerful voices ring out to the buyers, who in turn silently indicate prices with their fingers to make a successful bid. Visitors who come early have a chance to witness this firsthand. The market is closed on Sundays and certain holidays, so if you are interested, be sure to check in advance.
Tsukiji market place has plenty of regular shops where you can buy fresh fish, meat and vegetables. However, our recommendation is Japanese Sushi.
They use fresh fish only just bought from the market, so the taste is to die for! It's necessary to queue up for the more popular places, some of which finish as early as 1 pm because all their fresh fish has been eaten up. Some places open as early as 5 am for people working in Tsukiji, so we recommend setting out during the morning.
Our recommendation! The Tsukiji restaurant that draws queues of people every day: Sushi Dai
■Address:Tsukiji Market Part 6 Bldg. 5-2-1 Tsukiji-shijo, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
■Closed:Sunday, Holiday and also when Tsukiji market is closed.
When calling from outside Japan, replace the first 0 in the telephone number with 81.
Incidentally, there are certain conventions to eating Japanese sushi. 'Soy sauce is added to the fish, but not the rice.' 'Mild flavored white fish is eaten before rich flavored red fish,' and so on. At a slightly more reasonable price, Kaisen-don is also a delicacy!
In addition, Tsukiji has many stores that specialize in food-related items such as pots and knives. It is truly a haven for anyone interested in Japanese cuisine.
The general information center 'Puratto Tsukiji' provides maps of the area and offers guidance to foreign visitors. Go to Tsukiji early in the day to make the most of your visit!