Sanuki Udon, the specialty food of Kagawa!

In Kagawa, there are approximately 800 to 900 udon restaurants, making it what people call the “udon prefecture”. Each restaurant has its own ordering system and there are lots of different styles, so master the basics before you go.
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Sanuki Udon, with its springy noodles and fragrant broth is Japanese soul food! People love self-service udon because it’s fast, cheap, and delicious. Try some authentic udon!
Before sitting down, look at the menu on the wall (usually in Japanese only) and order at the counter.
Introducing the type of noodles
▼「かけうどん」(Kake udon)
Hot noodles in broth. The orthodox udon.
Thick dashi-broth with strong-flavored which poured directly on noodles. This brings out the great flavor of the noodles.
Noodles are served in the hot water, and go with hot dipping sauce in a side for eating.
Tempura and side dishes such as rice balls are toppings usually go with Sanuki Udon. It’s fun to find your favorite combination of topping.
After eating, return your dishes to a designated place.
Filmed with the assistance of the “Sakae”
A famous self-service style udon restaurant that bustles with locals and tourists from early in the morning. “Kake udon” with dried small sardines is popular dish which savor freshly made and boiled noodles in well flavored broth.
■Tel.No.(in Japanese only):087-834-6291
■Address:5-2-23 Bancho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa
■Hours:5:30 - 15:00 (or until all sold out)
■Closed:Sun. , Hol.
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