If you go to Kochi prefecture, you will want to take a walk through the Nichyo-ichi.

Kochi city is famous for its Nichyo-ichi ( 'Nichiyo' means 'Sunday' , 'Ichi' means 'Market' ), which takes place in the main street Ohte Suji every Sunday. It is the largest street market in Japan, and it is full of energy. There are 500 stalls lining a 1.3 kilometer course, and every Sunday 15,000 people come to shop from inside and outside the prefecture. The stalls are lined with rows of fruits and vegetables grown in the Kochi prefecture sun, fresh marine products and local Kochi gourmet foods. Shop to your heart's content while snacking on whatever strikes your fancy.
▼Watch a “Nichyo-ichi” video here!
■Tel.No.( City Street Division, Industrial Policy Department of the Kochi City Office):088-823-9456
■Address:Otesuji, Kochi-shi, Kochi
■Hours:Every Sunday / 5:00-18:00 (April to September) , 5:30-17:00 (October to March)
■Closed:January 1st and 2nd; Sunday during the Yosakoi Festival
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