If you ask what is the most famous spot in Tokushima prefecture, it has to be the Naruto whirlpools.

One of the world’s three major tidal whirlpools that occur in the Naruto Strait. You can see the whirlpools right above at the Onaruto Bridge spans the Naruto Strait over the whirlpools.Inside the bridge is a 450 meter promenade called "Uzu-no-michi". There is a glass floor in the observation room, and if you look down you can see the churning whirlpools directly below you. Now that we have seen them from above in the bridge, let's take a look at the whirlpools from the sea. The splendid scenery nature creates is simply the best. By all means, see it for yourself.
▼Watch a “Naruto Whirlpools” video here!
■Tel.No.(Onaruto Bridge Walkway, Uzu no Michi):088-683-6262
■Address:Naruto Park, Narutocho, Naruto City, Tokushima
■Hours:9:00–18:00(Oct.-Feb.:9:00-17:00, Golden week consecutive holidays and summer holidays;8:00-19:00)
■Closed:2nd Mon. of Mar., Jun., Sep., Dec.
■Price: ¥510
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