BEST3compilation of skin lotion products: "Great and effective Puchi Pura Cosme" chosen by popular models.

Japanese cosmetics are well known for their high quality. Many people will be thinking of buying cosmetics when making a trip to Japan. From October 1st 2014, cosmetics will be duty free* in Japan (consumption tax is currently 8%, scheduled to rise to 10% in October 2015) so we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity, even for a Japanese souvenir or gift.
*Applies when the total purchasing price for one person on one day at a duty-free store is between 5,000~500,000 yen.
With such a large range of great products, one may have difficulty making the right choice. That's why we've asked popular models who are active in Japanese fashion and beauty magazines to give their personal recommendations! These three models give daily care and attention to their skin, and their job provides them with regular opportunities to try out various cosmetic products. Take a look!
According to these girls, we should be taking a look at Puchi Pura Cosme. The more expensive of these cosmetics cost in the range of 3,000 yen. The name is a fusion of "Petit" in French, "Price" and "Cosmetics", further abbreviated in Japanese. There's no need to go to a specialist store to find them: Puchi Pura Cosme can be obtained easily anywhere, such as a drugstore down the street. We can't discount them due to their low price; there are many high quality products that are also loved by Japanese models, like these three girls.
In this article, we'll introduce Puchi Pura Cosme's BEST 3 of lotion products with the ability to moisturize, maintain and smoothen your skin. The following items were chosen by the girls from a number of products.
▼Herbal Serum O2(Dr.Ci:Labo)
Market Price: Approximately 4,000 Yen, Volume: 150 ml
Highly oxygenated water mix. This lotion uses the power of oxygen and herbs to maintain skin condition. For use on rough skin.
<Noteworthy points>
This skin lotion undeniably leaves one feeling refreshed. It has a firm composition of highly oxygenated water and extracts of 15 different kinds of plants. Also, the herbal aroma has a calming effect.
▼Kohaku Hada Totemo Shittori(Kohaku Kenkyujyo by yamano)
Market Price: Approximately 800 Yen, Volume: 220 ml
Double amber compound (extract of amber and amber powder) lotion for aging skin.
<Noteworthy points>
A lotion with a notable thickness. Feels pleasant to use. What's more, it has a long-lasting moisturizing effect, without use of any artificial additives. With extract of amber and amber powder we think this is great value for money.
▼Hada Labo Goku-jyun Super Hyaluronic acid face Lotion (ROHTO Pharmaceutical)
Market Price: Approximately 900 Yen, Volume: 170 mL
Combines 3 types of hyaluronic acid for a lotion with high moisture-retaining capacity.
<Noteworthy points>
Syrupy and rubs in easily. Skin feels tight and holds fast after use. Even though it's cheap, it has plenty of moisturizing potential.
It is even said that the reason Japanese women have beautiful skin is that such a high percentage of them are using skin lotion.If you've never used lotion before, why not put Puchi Pura Cosme to the test?
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