Is this 100 yen too? What is Japan's popular 100 yen shop Can★Do?

100 yen shops with diverse lineups of daily essentials all priced uniformly at 100 yen have become a necessity for today's Japanese consumers. The numbers of foreign visitors to Japan shopping in these 100 yen shops recently began increasing rapidly.
It seems the knowledge that Japanese-style souvenirs and gifts can be purchased there at low prices has gradually spread and their popularity has begun to increase.That's why we decided to report on the Can★Do chain of 100 yen shops with more than 850 locations all over Japan.
The location we actually visited is the Can★Do Seibu Shinjuku PePe store in Shinjuku, an important sightseeing location for visitors to Japan.
he large shop interior is lined with a true variety of products including kitchen supplies, toilet items, stationery, health and beauty supplies, clothing, interior design goods and foods. Each individual product, from the practical to the creative, is of surprisingly high quality. Realizing they could all be purchased for 100 yen, this reporter was on the verge of forgetting his work and becoming immersed in shopping, so fun was the experience of looking around the shop. While on the one hand Japanese-style items are popular among travelers to Japan, it seems high-quality daily articles only found in Japan also are selling. I asked and learned the top five products popular among visitors to Japan.
1. Chopsticks
Chopsticks make a gift or souvenir that conveys Japanese culture. Many customers buy sets of his and her chopsticks. There are a wide variety of patterns available, but traditional Japanese patterns are more popular than ukiyo-e and the like.
2. Hand towels
Like chopsticks, many customers purchase hand towels as a gift or souvenir that really says Japan. They are made for wiping your hands, but it seems many people purchase them to put on display and enjoy their Japanese patterns.
3. Nail clippers
Many visitors to Japan come to the shop to purchase nail clippers, saying they clearly demonstrate Japanese technology and are easy-to-use.
4. Peelers
Peelers are another item that put distinctively Japanese quality on display. Japanese-made peelers enjoy a good reputation for peeling skins surprisingly well.
5. Snacks and sweets
Snack foods and chocolates are quite popular, and many customers arrive with a wrapper they brought from overseas, looking for the corresponding item.
Also popular: Toys such as kendamas and jigsaw puzzles of Japanese scenery.
There are also plenty of Japanese-style toys available and many people buy them to take home as gifts or souvenirs.
■Address:Seibu-shinjuku PePe 8F, 1-30-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
When calling from outside Japan, replace the first 0 in the telephone number with 81.
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