please see below recommendations BEST 3 facial milk from popular models for reference.

Japanese cosmetics are well known for their high quality. With such a large range of great products, one may have difficulty making the right choice. That's why we've asked popular models who are active in Japanese fashion and beauty magazines to give their personal recommendations!
According to these girls, we should be taking a look at Puchi Pura Cosme. The more expensive of these cosmetics cost in the range of 3,000 yen. The name is a fusion of "Petit" in French, "Price" and "Cosmetics", further abbreviated in Japanese.
This time, in order to prevent facial toner and facial lotion vapor from skin “facial milk” BEST 3 will be recommended in this article. On the other hand, the effect of “facial milk” is not only about prevanting, it also can be used in different ways. For example, it helps to moisturized skin if you mix the milk with foundation which is suitable for dry seasons. If you feel dry, it also can be used as make-up remover which tenderized your skin while removing make-up. In addition, if you apply the milk into hair without washing off, it also supports your hair as hair treatment. Due to many surprised advantages, if you would like to purchase some milk with inexpensive price and high effectiveness, please see below recommendations BEST 3 facial milk from popular models for reference.
The Ceramide functioning ingredient and Eucalyptus extract penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum, helps the skin moisturized and smooth.
Price¥1,900/Contents: 120ml
High effect on moisturizing, and comfortable feeling are the main points of the facial milk. Due to it has free radicals, so it suits for sensitive and dry skin users. It also easy to use by push palm container.
Containing moringarkisu, hyaluronic acid, and Aqua illum leads to skin moisture, soft and plump.
The milk is well known by many users due to its effectiveness and moisturizing. Although it has slightly rich oilness but no stickiness to moist and easy to use feel by push palm container.
The milk with feshness and able to apply for several times. As repeating the action, it provides high concentration of moisturizing to the skin.
Although users might feel rish but its very easy to apply and use easy. Light texture with freshness feeling when applying, you will experience its high effectivess of moisture.
While choosing facial milk, buyers are more seeking for long-term use products rather than brands due to its loyalty and reasonable price.
※The price listed above are according to the interviewees, the price might be different based on differ shops. Please kindly understand.
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