This time we will recommend BEST 3 “essence” facial products!

Japanese cosmetics are well known for their high quality. With such a large range of great products, one may have difficulty making the right choice. That's why we've asked popular models who are active in Japanese fashion and beauty magazines to give their personal recommendations!
According to these girls, we should be taking a look at Puchi Pura Cosme. The more expensive of these cosmetics cost in the range of 3,000 yen. The name is a fusion of "Petit" in French, "Price" and "Cosmetics", further abbreviated in Japanese.
This time we will recommend BEST 3 “essence” facial products! “Essence” is made from concentrated essentially beauty ingredients, which contains moisturizing and brightening purposes. Consumers are expected its effectivess of illuminate the complexion and to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. For these reasons, essence can be much more expensive compare with other facial products. Due to the price issue, consumers are seeking to find good products of “essence.” Here we have invited popular models for suggestions who have a lot of opportunities to try different brands of cosmetics. As beauty professionals, they are confident to provide competitive price with effectual “essence” as shown below.
「Obagi C5(Rohto Pharmaceutical)」
Essence with prevent premature signs of aging by fermented royal jelly.
Many users might feel the scent is quite strong as it is undiluted solution which is more effective. As the product is produced by pharmaceutical company, therefore no other elements have been added. After using for a while, you will feel it helps to erase dark spots, as well as to lightening pimple scars.
「AQUALABEL Royal Rich Essence(SHISEIDO)」
Containing moringarkisu, hyaluronic acid, and Aqua illum leads to skin moisture, soft and plump.
You will have perception of the product is deserve to be Shiseido, Japan company. Although it is from Shiseido brand, but the price is very competitive in the market. In addition, its use-friendly due push palm design. Skin will improve its elasticity and enhancement of firmness, and it helps to whitens dark of skin.
「HADA LABO Goku-jyun Alpha Serum(Rohto Pharmaceutical)」
The essence uses 4 blends of hyaluronic acids and collagen to create firmer skin look.
It is inexpensive, suitable for sensitive skin type and to increase the firming skin and also effective for dryness. It helps to reduce early signes of skin aging after use.
In Japan Pharmacy, many tourists seem to like buying cosmetic essence for souvenirs, but in the same time, also feel the price is very expensive. Please read this article for reference and try to buying some inexpensive with high performance essence products.
※The price listed above are according to the interviewees, the price might be different based on differ shops. Please kindly understand.