Let's take a walk in Saitama-Prefecture (Kinchakuda) with extensive view of red carpet.

It takes around 60 minutes to go to Kinchakuda in Saitama-Prefecture by Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Tokyo, Ikebukuro station. Every autumn season, large amount of tourists and visitors will purposely come here to see spectacular massive manjishage (red spider lilies) just like viewing a beautiful red carpet.
The attraction is located in Komagawa River where about 15 minutes walking distance from nearest station Koma Station. There are over a million manjishage blossoming out together along the crystal-clear Komagawa River. The beautiful view years by years had been formed along the river curves look like traditional Japanese cloth bag (it usually for storage small things and personal belongings), therefore Kinchakuda also became popular due to the reason.
Just like a huge red carpet along Komagawa River will definitely unforgettable. Whether you go to have fun in the river, or picnic on the side of the river, you will indeed relaxed and enjoyed.
Along paths might have to deal with major crowds, but as it slow moving along, it helps you to enjoy seeing those gorgeous and graceful surrounding and walking on the pathing roads under the shadows.
Seeing manjishage from hight around 40mm, you will realised the interesting part of the blossoming flower. It will certainly kill your photo films, so please make sure bring your phone or camera with you before go.
There are many vendors on the way to Kinchakuda where sells all sorts of products which produced locally such as flowers, chestnut orchards and crafts. The atmosphere will influence you to enjoy the rich autumnal color in Kinchakuda.
During the best manjishage blossoming period, extra service of Seibu limited express “Red Arrow” is available for Koma Station which normally without stop in other seasons. Therefore weekends are more bustling with excitement compare with weekday. A friendly reminder that if you take Seibu limited express “Red Arrow”, will need extra transportation tickets.
In bloom start at late September to early October. How about try a relax journey to Kinchakuda?
■Address: 125-2 Koma Hongo Hidaka City,Saitama 350-1521