Please try sumo wrestler stew (tyannkonabe) in Ryōgoku!

About Japan hot pot, usually is a gas burner set on the table, and many food ingredients inside a big pot such as different kind of vegetables, seafood and meat. Eat with small bowl after everything cooked. However, tyannkonabe is slightly different, it also called sumo wrestler stew which commonly eaten by sumo wrestlers.
There is no specific ingredients or flavor for tyannkonabe, the specialty is mainly its soup. It contains chicken broth as soup based by using chicken bone from rib to back part with special made soya sauce dashi, cook with all sorts of ingredients, and serve all together as a pot. The purpose is to strengthen wrestlers' stamina, therefore the dish made up full of nutrition. The station in Ryōgoku is famous for sumo where you will able to find many restaurants serve tyannkonabe.
About Ryōgoku
Ryōgoku, from Akihabara takes around 2~3 minutes by JR Sōbu Line where is near Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa. The famed of Ryōgoku is sumo wrestling tournaments held every year in Ryōgoku Kokugikan. If you are talking about Ryōgoku, first thing jump in mind will be sumo wrestlers. Besides, there are many practice places for sumo, therefore its very easy to see those wrestlers within the area. The sport held 6 tournaments per year, normally run in January(New Year's tournament), May (summer tournament), September (Autumn tournament), total 3 tournaments in Ryōgoku Kokugikan. Any nearby tyannkonabe shops also gets crowded during these period.
Tyannkonabe is not only about delicious, as well as a healthy dish!
Tyannkonabe is not only about delicious, as well as it is a healthy dish! Some people might get misunderstanding by thinking the dish is easy to gain weight due to it is eaten by sumo wrestlers. But actually it is not true. Wrestlers have heavy weight because they have two meals a day only. The wrestlers begin practicing in the morning without breakfast, and afterwards they eat massive quantities of tyannkonabe and rice and straight away go for a nap. This lifestyle continue every single day in order to gain weight purposely. Just the opposite, tyannkonabe is made of fresh meat, fish, mushrooms, tofu and various vegetables, so it is a very healthy dish. It helps to warm up your body after eat, so it is a perfect dish for winter.
Different restaurants serve tyannkonabe which also taste differently, usually have salt, soy sauce or miso flavor. You will able to choose your principal food as meat or seafood. We would like to remind you that lunch usually cheaper for tyannkonabe restaurants, and normally the dish serves more than 2 persons or above, so you might not be able to try it by yourself.
In addition, the station Ryōgoku actually is very close to Tsikiji market, so except tyannkonabe there are many delicious and fresh sushi restaurants available.
Restaurants serve tyannkonabe around Ryōgoku station.
Popular tyannkonabe restaurant and offers 1000yen lunch menu.
割烹吉葉(kapou yoshiba)
The restaurant has a circular ring for contest court.
相撲茶屋江戸沢 東京總本店
Chain Store across Japan, especially lunch set menu is recommended.
Main store and one in front of the train station branch are available, the soup based is tasty and serve with large amount.
Direction to Ryōgoku :
JR East Sōbu Line
Toei Ooedo Line