A spectacular you can experience by witnessing it yourself! So what are these BOAT RACES we recommend for you to visit during your trip to Japan?

If you're planning your trip to Japan based on things you can't do anywhere else in the world, we have a spot that you can't miss. Throughout Japan there are BOAT RACES, featuring a motor sport invented in Japan.
Watch a video about these amazing BOAT RACE! Go ahead and click it and enjoy the article below while you wait for the download.
The BOAT RACE is a type of professional sport called "State-controlled games", which are run by public facilities as a form of gambling. For this reason, you can enjoy gambling here safely. There are four types of state-controlled games in Japan including horse races, keirin bicycle races, motorcycle races and BOAT RACE. In this edition we focus on the BOAT RACE! The video and article introduce the merits of BOAT RACE and how to enjoy them at the stadiums.
Six boats race around a 600m circumference water track, making three laps. The motor boats have more power than you can imagine, traveling at speeds of up to 80km per hour, with loud engines and impressive spray. First, take notice of the first offensive and defensive battle at the first turn. This stop often holds the key to winning or losing the race and each racer applies their unique skills here to try and get around the track first. Make sure you get a chance to actually see the power vividly gyrating and running the high-speed motor boat.
Just watching the BOAT RACE can be a good time, but you can also enjoy betting on the results you expect (by purchasing betting tickets). There are seven ways to win when you make a wager. Even veteran Japanese betters have trouble predicting order. This is because they are judging based on a lot of comprehensive information including past results and the exhibition lap for the benefit of the spectators right before the race. I (the author of this article) also happen to be a newbie so I went with my gut feeling based on the odds (Shows the rate. The lower the odds are, the more people are purchasing tickets for that boat to win) showing on the monitor at the stadium. Predicting the order like this can be really fun, even without making things complicated!
Once you've made a prediction, enter it in the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) betting card below. After you've filled it out, go purchase your ticket at a ticket-vending machine, just like in the video!
▼How to fill out the betting card
(1)Venue: In some cases there are races happening at other stadiums simultaneously, so start by entering the venue of the race you want to bet on.

(2)Races: There are 12 races per day at a single stadium so make sure to include the race number.

(3)Type: Write the type of betting ticket you'd like to buy. (Eg. Exacta, Trifecta, etc. as described above)

Only enter first place for Win/Place, enter first and second places for Exacta/Quinella/Quinella Place and enter first through third places for Trifecta/Trio.

(5) Price: Enter the price of the ticket you're buying. If you black out 10 and 2 then it will read as 12.

(6)Unit: You can choose between JPY 100, JPY 1000 or JPY 10,000.
For example, if you enter 12 into #5.
If you mark the "百" hundred symbol the amount will be JPY 1200, if you mark the "千" thousand symbol the amount will be JPY 12,000 and if you mark the "万" ten-thousand symbol it will be JPY 120,000.

(7)Erase: If you mark this when you make a mistake, it will not affect your purchase.
There are also restaurants and indoor seating at the BOAT Racestadium, so you can make an entire day out of it! There are 24 of these boat race locations throughout Japan!
I hope you'll visit, make a few bets, and experience the impressive boat race that you can't see anywhere else.