New tax-free system start from Oct 1, 2014 in Japan! Travel to Japan become more attractive!

A new tax-free system starting Oct 1, 2014 in Japan. The general goods such as home electrical appliances, clothing and handbags, or purchase more than 10,000 yen were able to receive tax-free service at single store, but now the new system apply every consumables for all non-residential tourists.
The new tax-free system is briefly introduced as below:
1. Groceries, beverages, medicine, cosmetics, and sweets, alcohol from locals are all in tax-free lists. The monetary range beween 5,000 yen to 500,000 yen purchased in the same day in the same store is able for tax-free.

2. Up to now, more than 10,000 yen purchased tax-free items such as electrical appliances, handbags, and clothing is remain the same standard as before.

3. Purchased tax-free products cannot be used during the journey. The tax-free store will packed the goods based on the regulation which cannot be unpacked while you still in Japn.

4. An agreement letter must be signed, that the consumers will promise the purchased goods will leaving Japan with consumers within 30 days after purchased.

5. Simplify current tax-free procedure.

6. To buy tax-free items, you need to look for stores with the tax-free logo. (Regulations apply to tax-free shopping, with “Japan. Tax-Free Shop” logo)
In addition, Japanese government tend to focus the system in Tokyo, Oosaka and other areas, and expend the sysem gradually to whole Japan in order to increase its economy. By 2020, big cities such as Tokyo or Oosaka, where plan to increase tax-free shop numbers up to 10,000 as currently have 5,800 stores this year of April.
There is no doubt that the new tax-free system definitely is a great news for foreign tourists. Let's start to plan the next trip to Japan to see maple leaves!
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