Let's dress up and join the Halloween party in Japan!

Halloween observed by Western Christians which initially an autumn celebrations of harvest festivals. Typical activity is children in costumes travel from house to house and ask for treats as candy or sweets. Halloween is a yearly celebration for all over the world, including Japan.
A jack-o'-lantern is a carved pumpkin commonly to been used as decorations during Halloween which is interesting and romantic. Except to enjoy the autumn colors, there are many Halloween activities held in Japan, especially in central Tokyo. Apart from original Europe and America culture, Japan's Halloween activity doesn't need to travel from house to house and ask for treats, however dress up in costumes and join a parade is getting popular activity in Japan.
If you would like to join the parade in japan, you will not need to worry about the costumes, make-up and props. You will easily find them in “Don Quijote” which is represents of shopping paradise in Japan. It is completely fine to prepare everything after arrived in Japan.
Hence, we will introduce you some popular Halloween parties, please join the excitement if you can.
Halloween parties in Japan
【KAWASAKI Halloween 2014】
This year will be the 18th celebration of Halloween party. From JR Kawasaki “LACITTADELLA” up to Kawasaki Station East. From 18th Oct (Saturday) to 31st (Friday).
Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2014
The most biggest parade event domestically.
1.5km course in vicinity of JR Kawasaki Station from Kawasaki keirin.
Dates: 26th Oct, 2014 (Sunday) 14:30 ~ 15:45
Entry: 1,000 yen per person
Making jack-o'-lantern
Dates: 25th Oct (Saturday), 26th Oct (Sunday) 11:00~18:00
There are professional staff around, welcome for people who are first time join the activity.
KAWASAKI Halloween Final Party
Dates: 31st Oct (Friday) 18:00~23:00 (schedule in advance)
【Hello Halloween Pumpkin Parade 2014 in Harajuku Omotesando】
In Harajuku Omotesando, there are around 1000 children walk about 1km every year.
Dates: 26th Oct(Sunday) 11:00~16:00
【Shimokita Halloween】
Halloween parade around Shimokita Station including activities such as Halloween nail art, dancing, etc. Many different kinds activites and parties. Don't miss it!
Dates: 26th Oct (Sunday) 15:00 ~ next day 5:00
Of course, there are many Halloween parties held in different areas. Please experience the special event in Japan.
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