A wonderful place for restaurant operators! Full of kitchen implements and food samples in “Kappabashi Dougu Street”.

“Kappabashi Dougu Street” is located in the middle of Asakusa and Ueno, at 800 meters in length shopping street.
A shopping street devoted more than 100 years history, based on the food industry development, the street started to increasing shops and vendors which supply goods related to kitchen impletments and restaurant equipments, including cooking equipments, cutlery, shop signboard, etc. Due to everything can be found by restaurant operators, it has became popular shopping street for specialized stores of kitchen needs. Although most of goods are for professional restaurant operators in “Kappabashi Dougu Street”, but high standard product quality has also brings a lot of ordinary consumers.
Japanese cooking equipments are useful and durable, so you might find yourself a good and handy equipment when you shopping here. Its definitely a recommended place for useful and price-friendly cooking tool as souvenirs for family and friends.
Next, let's introduce you some represent goods and stores at Kappabashi Dougu Street.
【Popular goods and stores】
Plastic food samples
Plastic food samples appear in the windows and display commonly in front of restaurants or shops, which is just alike the real food. Now there are some shops you can experience the sample making.
The knives used in Japanese restaurants abroad are usually useful and sharp, therefore many famous chefs came here to purchase knives purposely. Recently more and more foreign tourists also come here to purchase knives here.
There are wide range of choices, on sales and discount products are easily to find.
Kama Asa
The store gathers almost all kind of cooking equipments which produced by Japanese with high technic and professional handicraft. Postivie feedbacks have made the brand famous with good reputations.
Exquisite Nanbu-tekki ironware is famous cooking pot, heat goes evenly and keep warm lasting. Users discribed that the food cooked with this pot taste even better.
Adress of Kama Asa: 2-24-1 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo
“Okasinomori” bakery equipment
More than 10 thousand bakery equipments available here, and it is a must-see point for people who interested in bakery and sweets.
Address of Okasinomori: 1-11-10 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 2F
Kappabashi Dougu Street has over 170 stops, with many interesting products. You will find it interesting and enjoyful by just looking at them. Each shop hours might differ, but on Monday to Saturday almost every shop are open. On Sundays about 30% shops are open. Shop hours are 9:00 to 17:00.
The trip will become cheerful by walking along the historical and traditional street, with modern view of Tokyo Skytree.
【Kappabashi Dougu Street】
Address:3-1-16, Matsugaya,Taito-ku,Tokyo
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