Please try the Japanese traditional conveniently food --- rice ball (onigiri)!

What's Japanese style rice ball?
Rice ball is a Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular or oval shapes by hands. Usually is salty and wrapped in seaweed, so even in room temperature the taste is still nice. Compare with other fast food or hamburger, rice ball is made from rice and seaweed in hand size, so its very healthy and not easy to gain weight. Rice ball became a popular and healthy food in Japanese's daily life long time ago.
To make a rice ball, usually use ingredients and fillings such as mayonnaise, plam, kelp (seaweed), cod roe flavored with red pepper sauce, salmon, chicken, dried bonito flakes, cod roes, etc.
Its easy to buy rice ball at most convenience stores and cost around 100 yen per one. The market is huge, one of the convenience store 7-11 sold about 1.6 billion rice balls in 2012, which equals one Japanese buy 13 rice balls per year. Based on high demand and different preferences, shops have wide range of rice ball for selection, and even specialized shops use high quality rice and high standard ingredients to produce high level of rice ball.
Following are some popular kinds of rice ball.
梅肉飯糰 Pickled plum rice ball
Pickled plum normally use salt to pickled, and sun-dried. It is extremely sour and salty, and usually served with rice.
鰹魚亁片飯糰 Roasted and crumbled mackerel rice ball
Many times roasted the dried-fish, and crumbled into thin sliced with soy sauce and rice. It turns into a delicious roasted and crumbled mackerel rice ball.
海苔飯糰 Seaweed rice ball
The taste is simple but delicious with seaweed only, this style rice ball was most original flavor.
鱈魚子飯糰 Cod roe rice ball
Cod roe has been pickled with salt.
明太子飯糰 Cod roe flavored with red pepper sauce rice ball
This is also made from cod roe but after pickled with salt, it use red pepper sauce to seasoning the flavor, and leave it for a while before serve. It usually serve with rice, so its another popular choice for consumers.
金槍魚飯糰 Tuna rice ball
Bonito and tuna pickled with oil, most of time mix with mayonnaise, due to its popularity overseas, many foreigners like this fillings. In addition, we also called tuna with mayonnaise “sea chicken.”
雞什錦飯糰 Chicken assorted rice ball
Adding chicken, carrots, burdock and other vegetables, with ordinary Japanese seasoning for this flavor of rice ball.
These are basic kinds of rice ball, but nowadays 200 yen per rice ball is also common. Especially for those people who are care about the rice and ingredients quality, some of the ingredients even use “Cod roe” from Hokkaido, and “salmon roe”(Ikura) is also another high quality ingredient usually use for Sushi. These kinds are only available in Japan, the price is quite expensive but indeed delicious.
There are new flavor rice ball appear in the market every day, so you wouldn't feel bored even you eat it every single day. Convenient and delicious rice ball definitely makes your journey become energetic and powerful!