Walking on the walkway of Odaiba's Rainbow Bridge.

It located in No.11 Expressway Daiba Route, and also called “Port of Tokyo Connector Bridge.” The construction started in 1987, and was completed in 1993. It started to activate in the same year Aug. 26th. It is a suspension bridge corssing northern Tokyo Bay between Shibaura Pier and Odaiba. The bridge is 798 meters long with a main span of 570 menter and two white story bridge. There are three colours lamps placed on the wires which are pink, silver white and green. The illumination at night uses solar energy obtained during the day.
The origin of the name of Rainbow Bridge.
Rainbow Bridge is also called “Port of Tokyo Connector Bridge”. Initinally was built to linking heart of Tokyo and waterfront sub-center. For the easy access, the connection bridge around Tokyo Bay area was treated importantly due to the area tend to be developed as mordern city 20 years ago. For example, the decision of the colour lamps have through serious serch search and investigations. As more development approach in Odaiba, the joy view for Rainbow Bridge at night is also getting popular and fantastic. Therefore Goverment announced an activity “Please think an appropriate name for the Bridge to represents Tokyo Bay” in 1992, and immediately around 20 thousand citizens responded within the activity. Consequently the bridge named “Rainbow Bridge” in November at the same year.
Rainbow Bridge, a famous dating place for couples in Japan.
The night view in Rainbow Bridge is absolutely romantic. The place has became famous due to the popular Japanese Drama (ラブジェネレーション Love Generation) by Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako in 1997, and scene in Rainbow Bridge was appeared several times within the drama. The drama was also been described as a fairy tale with high audience rating of 30.8%. Nowadays, it is one of the famous dating place for couples in Japan, as well as a representative bridge of “love forever.”
Rainbow Bridge Walkway.
Now, let's introduce the Rainbow Bridge Walkway where Teppei (Kimura Takuya) and Riko (Matsu Takako) walk through during the first chapter of drama “Love Generation”. Rainbow Bridge Walkway is a path where allows visitors to walk (bicycle is prohibited) and in the lower level of Rainbow Bridge. It has 1.7 kilometers, and need around 25 minutes on foot. The Walkway is in two sides of the bridge, you are able to see the high-buildings from central Tokyo and Tokyo Tower from the North Walkway (direction towards to Harumi), and beautiful night view of Odaiba or Bousou-hantou from South Walkway (direction towards to Odaiba).

Rainbow Bridge walkway
It's very difficult to distinguish North side or South side has better view from the Rainbow Bridge Walkway. However, most Japanese might recommended North Walkway, because you can see marvellous view of central Tokyo from Odaiba. For foreign visitors, if you have chance to come to Odaiba, why not save some energy to walk along the Walkway, the view from here is definitely attractive and the admission is free of charge. (about 50 minutes to walk through both sides of Walkway)

Night view of Tokyo from Rainbow Bridge Walkway
Address: 3-33-19 Shibaura Pier, Daiba District, Tokyo.
Opening Hour: 9:00~21:00(Apr. 1~Oct. 31),10:00~18:00(Nov. 1 ~Mar. 31) ※The third Monday is closed every month. Closed in following day is 3rd Monday is national holiday.
Access: From Yurikamome Line to “Shibaurafutou” Station and walk 3 minutes, or “Odaibakaihinkouen” Station and walk 10 minutes.
※Please pay attention if visitors are fear of heights.
Rainbow Bridge special Light-Up.
In order to celebrate the Expressway became privatization from Oct. 1, 2005, it had a special light-up ceremony in Rainbow Bridge from sunset of Sep. 30 until next day's morning. Rainbow Bridge has 7 rainbow colours, just like its name. Afterwards, it continually has light event every Christmas or New Year, and you are also able to see the real rainbow Bridge this year, too.
Event Period:Dec. 6(Saturday)~Jan. 4(Sunday) sunset~24:00
※ Dec. 6 (Saturday) 16:30~24:00
※ Dec. 24 (Wednesday) sunset~next day 2:00
※ Dec. 31 (Wednesday) sunset~sunrise
If you are planning to come to Odaiba during this period, don't miss out the chance to walk along the “rainbow” walkway!