Basic washoku manners

Washoku, or Japanese cuisine, has been designated an intangible cultural heritage asset by UNESCO.To enjoy washoku is to experience and enjoy Japanese culture. In other words, it is not simply enjoying a meal, but also culture that includes manners and etiquette.In particular, though there are difficult to master aspects of using chopsticks, it involves good manners that must be followed.
By the way, there are not so many Japanese people who know these rules correctly and they are not something that have to be followed all the time. (The most important thing is to enjoy your meal.)However, since you've come all the way to Japan, why not take up the challenge?
Japanese people will not laugh at you if you cannot do something correctly. On the contrary, they tend to praise people who try to learn about Japanese culture.We have prepared an understandable video that summarizes some aspects of washoku manners, how to use chopsticks and what behavior to avoid. Please have a look.